Goodbye Michael, rest in peace...

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Michael Jackson 1958-2009

He spent his entire lifetime trying to bring happiness to those around him and to his loyal following worldwide. He endured slurs, innuendo and seclusion amidst a throbbing mob of fans to pour out his heart and soul. He has forever enriched our world with his talent and style.

We have lost a magnificent Quasar , whose memory and music will forever saturate the universe.
We love you Michael, rest well my brother...

Couldn't have said it better myself...

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No need to rehash this... re-word it or otherwise... I am just gonna post the link here...
and I may do the same for other articles I come across as well..

here then is how Stevie the Rat Bankrupted Greg Palast

Steve Rattner is yet another of the Great Obama's "BRILLIANT" assistants. He Joins the 'Briiliant' Larry Summers, and the 'Brilliant' Tim Geitner and others... as they wholesale rape America... on their " we are the smartest guys in America " tour


Burning Witches and the 'Politically Correct'

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Time was... when the civil courts... under advisement from sanctimonious church bosses and the religious aristocracy, literally burned human beings to death if they were suspected of engaging in the black arts. Witchcraft...satanism etc. This is one of the most brutal displays of 'political correctness' gone astray in written history. The purse-lipped puritanicals demanded that all such 'deviants' be destroyed. Was their agenda a positive one? Did the act of burning witches prevent the perversion of society, or were innocents merely being slaughtered to fulfill the sick personal agenda of a few uptight administrators.

My opinion is simply this. People who assume the mantle of political correctness, to justify the implementation of abuse towards others are themselves seriously ill. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions... but to demand that a personal OPINION be validated by the government, in an effort to squelch the rights of others is the ultimate crime against humanity. That is exactly what happens every single day in the 'Land of the Free". Our political system has been ravaged by the well intentioned religious fanatic. Our politicians kao tao to the church bosses so they can get elected. They will make whatever promise they need to make to get elected, and they will align themselves with any group that promises the most consistent vote for their re-election. Afterall, that is how they make money, that is what they do for a living.

We all know that. We already realize that politics... is really not about 'serving the needs of the community' or 'ones fellow man', rather, it has grown to become the single best way for an ambitious self server to gather enough power to affect the lives of the rest of us, and generate wealth for themselves. It is really all about personal agenda, it is not about helping America or the community. To pretend that 'community service' is the motivation is simply a lie.

So what does any of this have to do with burning witches? Well, witch burning was the manifestation of personal agenda being foisted upon the masses, under the guise of 'political correctness."

You might think, that you are not that kind of person... that you would never burn someone at the stake for their religious beliefs, but fact is... you are probably just as guilty of doing so as the religious leaders responsible for the anti witch policies of the 17th century. We have not evolved much in the last 300 years either, it seems. The State is still the paramilitary arm of the church. Despite the fact that 200 years ago our forefathers promised separation of church and state to insure personal freedom... today, the state is still the bully boy of the Southern Baptist Convention, ( and plenty of other fanatical ministries as well.)

What is this all about? Why am I even mentioning this?

Same sex marriages.

You say " It is un-Godly, it is immoral, it is perverted. I hate queers, I hate lesbians, they are a scourge of society... marraige is only for a man and a woman... the Bible says so."

To which I respond... if that is how you feel, then you are no better than the fanatical puritanicals that hunted the witches. I do not expect my position to be popular among the church set. But, I am so sick of religious wars and demands that I just do not care.
So for you uptight , knees slammed together religious nutcases that feel the need to dictate your personal beliefs, and then demand that an elected government support you in your witch hunt, I say, fine... go to church, believe what ever you want, but leave the rest of us alone. Our Constitution supports freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. We do not need narrow minded guilt ridden religious fanatics telling the rest of us how to live. Don't forget, under Hadrian of the Roman Empire...Christians were themselves the scapegoats and were fed to the lions for the entertainment of the masses. They didn't like it when the shoe was on the other foot either. They still whine about how they were persecuted for their love of Jesus. One would think that Christians suffering such persecution themselves, would enable them to have some empathy for other belief systems.

The Government needs to stay out of the Marriage business.

Except in so far as to issue permits to those seeking such a union. In a supposed free country... with a Constitution that provides protections for individual freedom, the Government simply has no right to tell ANYONE who their partners may or may not be. We need to enforce the separation of church and state, and the State needs to stop reinforcing outdated and perverse religious practices that are demanded by the modern day witch hunters.

Let men marry men, let women marry women. Issue a permit for cohabitation and shared living, and allow everyone to choose their own partner. Many folks think group marriages, should be allowed as well. The Mormons have had group marriages for years, and while not all Mormons approve of polygamy, many of them finds that it works just great for their families. The State has no business telling those folks what to believe or how to celebrate their lives, and, I might add.... neither do the rest of us have the right to persecute them either.

I only want one thing in return for all of this new found 'freedom of relationship'... and I bet that most of the people in the country agree. Marry whoever you want, live however you want, but please... shut the ~!@#$%^&*()_+ up about it. Stop prosletyzing. I don't wanna hear about your sexual adventures, and I do not want you to force it on me in a public forum either. I don't care if you wanna engage in fellatio with another man, I do not care if you wanna engage in coitus with another woman. That is your business... it is private business and it is of no interest to me... no matter how 'trendy' you may think your liasion is, please take it to your own bedroom and respect the belief system of others just as they allow you your own.

This isn't about gay vs straight either... for one thing... most literate people do not see the issue as purely black and white . People are not simply either homosexual, or heterosexual, no, in real life there is in fact a vast array of human sexuality. Not just black and white but a pallete of hues. Sex between consenting adults should remain the personal business of the people involved in the act. The only real issues we must confront is how best to deal with the children that find themselves living in such a situation. If they are loved and cared for, and allowed to cultivate their own sexual Identities, without having the preferences of their adult caretakers forced down their throats, then I say fine. Children deserve protection, and this is an area where the State or some regulatory body should be allowed to become involved just as they are involved with protecting the children of heterosexual unions.

How do we do that? Perhaps by issuing child rearing licenses. We issue licenses to insure our drivers are trained, we issue licenses for almost everything. Rearing a child is a sacred priviledge that too many illiterate dumbasses take for granted. To get a child rearing license, one should attend classes and learn how to rear a child. This will work in heterosexual unions too. When a child is born, genetically test the child and assign its DNA identification to the biological parents. From that day on, those genetically Identified parents are financially responsible for the safe upbringing of the child. If a same sex couple wants a child, then a legal contract can convey parental rights from the biological parent to the adoptive one. But enough of this BS where kids are born out of lust and then abandoned for the rest of us to support. If you are man enough to impregnate another person... then you need to be man enough to support your offspring. If a same sex couple wants to absolve a parent of such responsibility, then by all means allow them to assume the contract. The primary issue here, is the welfare of the child.

Otherwise, everyone should be allowed to live their own lifestyle, and to engage in whatever kind of relationship best suits them , and no amount of religious persecution or State legislation will ever change that. The rest of us need to accept it for what it is..

That was already addressed in "life Liberty , and the pursuit of happiness." That line from the Declaration of Independence is what this is all about.

Freedom of choice is politically correct. Freedom of expression is politically correct.

Power to the people!!!!


The Great Obama and the Credit Card Monster

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The Great Obama is at it again... he is SAVING AMERICA he is taking on the credit card industry.... and he is gonna fix it for america!!!!!!!!!

uh.... not so fast folks.... what he is doing is tantamount to throwing lime on a pile of dog poo. The Lime helps eliminate some of the odor... and it hides the dog poo under a veil of white powder... but... folks... THE DOG POO IS STILL THERE!!!

And... the hot steamy pile of credit card POO is bigger than ever. Here is how our caring representatives have managed to corral the usurer's at the Credit Card issuing banks.

( Remember... we have just bailed out most of these banks to the tune of literally Billions of dollars... and in return they are choking the country to death with higher interest rates that ever.)

Just so you will know... these are the basic provisions of the 'credit card reform' bill the Great Obama is currently taking bows for 'implementing'...

Requires that customers receive 45 days' notice before interest rates are increased (if the bill becomes law, it won't take effect for another year-except for this provision, which would be enacted within 90 days)

Eliminates double-cycle billing and "retroactive" interest rate hikes on previous balances

Bans credit cards for anyone under 18 and puts limits on cards for college students

Elminates fees for paying bills by phone or Internet

Allows cardholders to set personal credit limits that cannot be exceeded

Requires banks to apply payments to balances with higher interest rates first

Wow.... now those are really tough laws... huh.... Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahaha... while on the surface it may look like a fix... it is really only Lime on Poo. There is NO MENTION of limiting rates. NONE... they can charge whatever they like... just like before. The credit card bill is fluff... instead of rounding up the bankers and demanding that they serve the needs of the country, once again our representatives let the real bad guys slip right through their fingers... and allow the banks to continue their excesses as before.

They are capitalizing their portfolios with 0% interest federal money and the taxpayors get to pick up the tab.... while paying outrageous 29.4% interest to the banks they just bailed out.

This is what Banking Industry bigwigs have to say about the Presidents credit card bill...

"The American people can't manage their credit," says one industry heavyweight, "If you change the rules, guess what, we'll just start at a higher rate and you'll see a decrease in availability of credit and an increase in the cost to everyone else."

Gee... that sounds like a threat to me... it also sounds as if they plan to extort the country... into paying higher rates than ever, because the banks mismanaged their own business portfolios.

Were the Great Obama as great as the images he poses for... he would jail these thieves. I assure you, once the first few credit card executives got sent to jail... the others would begin to fall into line.

America is all of the People... America is not a small group of well to do greedy bankers. Our President needs to SUPPORT THE PEOPLE... and stop letting the bankers push him around.

Hmmmm, you don't think... you don't actually believe the Great Obama is on their side in all of this.... do you? That would be terrible... what if the Great Obama were to be on the side of the banks... he might take their side over the goodwill of the American People... you don't think he would sell us out... do you? Tim Geitner is really a good guy....isn't he? (Tim Geitner came straight from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and was one of the authors of the Paulsen Bailout)

Well, these guys aren't dumb... they were smart enough to insulate themselves from trillions of dollars of losses they helped create... and they know how to get their ideas across too... they managed to convince the entire legislature of the USA to give them several trillions of dollars, and according to recent documents they forced the banks to hand over an equity share too...

They say the problems were not their fault.. that they inherited all of it... and that they are fixing it. He sounds quite sincere... hmmmm well,... then what does he have to do with this then?

"Saying the nine U.S. banks were "central to any solution" of the credit crisis, Paulson told their leaders in the meeting in Washington on October 13, 2008, to take the government aid voluntarily or be forced to by regulators"

What exactly is 'the Point'?

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The point? What is the point? Well.. Harry Nilsson answered that question decades ago. Unfortunately, except for having part of the tune co-opted by Madison Avenue's 'Brilliant" copywriters for a automobile commercial... most young people just don't know the point. So the point is, I want everyone to get "The Point" especially my friend Eric, who seems to demand that I simply MUST have a POINT!!!!

So here is the Point...


and this is how you get the point....

The original version is narrated by Harry Nilsson, I like that version the best... the cartoon version has Ringo Starr narrating... its ok too... but the original is my favorite.

I hope you take the time track down the album and to listen to "The Point"... I mean after all... isn't that the point.

CAFE fuel standards and the Great Obama

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I should have guessed. Despite the fact that all I do here is make comments about things I find absurd, I am being pressed to add 'substance' to my rants. What that means is, someone is upset that I spoke my mind and in their bumbling attempt at a snappy comeback, they suggest that I need to be more specific about issues of the Obama change machine. One suggested that I focus on the current proposed changes to the CAFE standards.

Bwaaaaaahahahahhaahahaa.... this is America man... no one here is informed... 95% of the 'people'...(including the Prius driving 'arrogantia') don't even know what CAFE stands for.

So, for the sake of enlightenment I will decode it for you here...

C.A.F.E. = CORPORATE AVERAGE FUEL ECONOMY... yeah... that's right CORPORATE.. not personal... not reasonable... not, standardized, CORPORATE.

It basically makes rules with loopholes built in, so that the corporate managers of the US auto industry can find a way to skirt the guidelines by taking advantage of the 'loopholes'.

Even the verbiage of the proposed standards is vague... here is a sample :

"Under the program being considered for proposal, a manufacturer whose fleet generates credits in a given model year would have several options for using those credits, including credit carry-back, credit carry-forward, credit transfers, and credit trading."

Oh yeah... now that's straight forward isn't it? That is so perfectly nebulous it sounds as if those words were blurted by the Great Obama himself. The CAFE standards as being discussed are the equivalent of the Cap and Trade guidelines for carbon emissions. They are BS. This is yet another lame attempt by the king of 'liberal left rhetoric' to circumvent attacking a problem head on.

CAFE standards simply allow the corporations to average fuel consumption across an entire fleet of vehicles. It allows them to claim some vehicles are light trucks, so that they can get away with lower economy requirements. It also allows the Great Obama from actually imposing a politically sensitive TAX on Fuel... and instead allows for a 'hidden tax' on new cars sold. Didn't know about that? Didn't see that in the fine print? Well, its there. So, the brilliant plan is... impose a hidden tax on the sale of new cars, in an economy that relies on the automobile where the automakers are going bankrupt because not enough new cars are being sold.

If everyone paid a GAS TAX... and fuel costs were increased by way of taxes... everyone driving would be paying their share... NOT just the people who want to buy a new car. But imposing taxes is not a popular plan for politicians.. (unless the TAX can be hidden in the fine print.) Imposing a gas tax would increase the cost of driving, and it has been illustrated time and again that when fuel prices rise, so too will sales of more efficient vehicles. I suppose what the Great Obama is hoping for is this... he gets away without having to increase taxes on fuel ( because doing so will irritate his constituents), because he KNOWS fuel prices will rise anyway... and that will force a lot of struggling consumers to trade in their clunkers for more fuel efficient clunkers and THAT is when his taxes come into play. He feels very clever in all of this... once again he has set himself up as HERO and SAVIOR without actually having done anything worthwhile. I am sure he and his 'Brilliant" staff are feeling pretty smug about all of this.

"Oh be nice to the Great Obama, he is doing the best he can do, and at least he is doing something"

OK... believe that if you want... but also consider this. Nothing is changing. All we are getting is rehashed rhetoric. The same old political excuse making we have always seen.

If the Great Obama really is the MAN his supporters claim him the be... then the MAN needs to step up and do some unpopular things. He cannot continue to be 'all things to all people'... the popularity contest is over and the 'great abs' won... Great!

He was full of promises about how he was gonna 'fix everything' when he was running for office, and now he has his chance... I hope he gathers the courage to effect something concrete and not just continue the miserable failings we have all had to endure for much too long.

Do you think the Great Obama has the guts to TAX FUEL...? I don't. I don't think he has the guts to back 'same sex marraiges ' either (unless he can hide a secret 'queer tax' in the fine print)... and it appears he does not have the guts to release images of US Guantanamo Torture either... or to stop the war, and bring home the troops... AS PROMISED. But, you gotta hand it to him... that silver-toungued devil sure can shift the blame for his shortcomings... he has a 'reason' for every promise he continues to break.

I am pulling for the guy... he still has the potential to become the 'Great Obama', he still has the potential to lead our country into the light once again... he just needs to find to courage to do so before the next round of electioneering starts...

If he cannot summon the courage to face the lobbiests he promised to eject from the system, if he cannot find the courage to oppose the special interests that continue to jocky for best position in every legislative act... well, then I guess he is destined to assume the mantle of the 'Great Oblahblah".

Talk is cheap... the first 100 days of honeymoon are over... it time for the 'Brilliant' dream team, and the "Brilliant' Larry Summers and the 'Brilliant' Nancy Pelosi, and her ' Brilliant' democratic leadership to step up and do what needs to be done to return our country to the people. To protect our precious civil liberties, and to defend the working class from the excesses of corporate greed. That is gonna take guts and selflessness.... I am just not sure these egomaniacal asses have what it takes to get all of that done. BUT, you can bet they will take care of their big money contributing constituents... afterall, the election is right around the corner.


It's not just me...


Folks take the time to write to me... they say " hey... you make pretty good sense... I don't like everything you say... but , I gotta admit... you are perceptive about what's going on".

Well... yes of course I am perceptive... how can I not be perceptive... our government and media spends billions on 'sound bite' politics and reporting... they are intent on brainwashing us all... so we will all play together nicely... support their excesses and march arm in arm to the slaughter house. They like Americans to be uninformed... they want us to work and pay everything we make in taxes so that they can live a life of wealth and power.

All of a sudden... 40 years of 'Liberal' friends... find me "rightwing'... I have even been accused of being a 'west coast republican" hahahah ... me? A republican? Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahaha..

I have had my say about the purselipped puritanicals of the right wing... I have had death threats leveled at me for creating the 'Cavalcade of Republican Greats" (remember them... Haldeman, Erilichman, John Dean, Phil Gramm, Richard Nixon, GHW Bush.. GW Bush, karl rove... etc)

When I cast aspirsions on the evil doings of the "Right"... oh well... my liberal PC friends applaud me heartily... BUT... if I dare question the liberal lefts agenda... if God forbid I ever even suggest that the 'emperor has no clothes'.... well... then I am a pariah... a terrible person, a homophobic, anti-ecosystem, hummer driving, racist, biggoted, gun toter... that opposes abortion and a 'womans right to choose' ... hahaha and you know... I am none of these things. The 'Liberal Left' as they like to call themselves... is full of crap. They think everyone is 'wrong' about 'everything'... BUT THEM. They are ALWAYS correct..

They drive the most correct cars... use the most correct paint... plant the most eco sensitive gardens... and oh yeah... they elected the Great Obama... and he is their savior. So... they must be 'CORRECT'

Well, perhaps they are correct. perhaps I am a total looneytoon... and only my left wing lesbian and gay friends know the true path to righteousness... but somehow... I don't think I am wrong about what I am seeing. Other people seem to be seeing and commenting on the same situation.. 'the utter and absolute political correctness of the new liberal left'... ( which by the way is derived of the Bush voters from the last series of elections as well.. they went from voting for George Bush to choosing the Great Obama and his promise of 'change'... true intellectuals these guys)

The misdeeds of the unforgiving PC crowd became apparent to me when they descended on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin... and attacked her on every level... attacked her politics... attacked her wardrobe, attacked her political affiliations and attacked her family. Why did these lovely peace loving, eco-aware yuppies attack her so diligently? Well... because she DARED to disagree with the 'promise' of the Great Obama... their chosen Savior... she did not agree with the left wing's "PERFECT" agenda so she must be DESTROYED!!!!!

Ms. Palin, built several businesses, reared a family, worked very hard for her part of the American Dream, and then embarked on a path to 'fix' what she felt was wrong with her country. She seems to be a nice person. Yet she was attacked and maligned... for political reasons... the left is intent on destroying this womans career and her family... because she dared challenge the new world order concepts of the Great Obamanians.

I don't like purse lipped puritanicals... I like freedom of expression. I like freedom of speech and action... and I do not like people who believe that they are endowed with a unique ability to determine what is politically correct for the masses. What ego maniacal BS... to assume you are somehow 'correct' because you bought a Prius.

Bill Maher must be feeling the same way... here is what he has to say about all of this...

I gotta warn you Bill... some of the things you say might upset those politicaly correct among us... you may set yourself up to be the new whipping boy of the 'oh so perfect latte sippers'.. but at least you speak your mind... I applaud your courage my brother... 'Power to the People'

I'm so green..


I'm so green,... I could be Kirkland's solution to air pollution... I am SO GREEN... I could be a secret agent for the board of Health. I recycle, refinish, economize, and compromise. I compost and mulch,and add starbuck's coffee grounds to my flower beds to dissuade the slugs , instead of killing them...( that would be politically incorrect), but they laugh at me and eat the hostas anyway. Sort of the way the Credit Card CEO's just smirked when the Great Obama told them to chill on the excessive APR's that they are so famous for.

I have lived and worked on the periphery of 'fast track' America my entire life. I say periphery, because my life has sort of been off the beaten track. Oh, I work plenty hard... I just never focused on making a lot of money. Somehow, the quality of life was more important to me. Ingolf is one of the people that taught me that.

Ingolf Johnson, goldsmith extraordinaire, and son of the Poet Laureate of Iceland. Ingolf loved Metaxa 7 Star Brandy.

Welll, Ingolf would get a snoot full, and then he would start reciting 'Beowolf'. In the original 'Old English, mind you. He would sway and wave his arms in embellishment, and then sway some more as he thespianized his way thru the famous verse. Ingolf was my neighbor in Old Greenlake... back when the Greenlake Grill was run by Vaudevillians Claire and Bernice Richardson. My shop was nestled between the Greenlake Grill, and Ingolf's Alchemy studio. I say alchemy because part of what Ingolf did, was size jewelry for the well to do Seattle-ites. He would file a bit here, file a bit there... then buff and polish till everything was shiny and new... and the customer would come and they loved Ingolf and raved about his work and everybody was happy.

Ingolf had a twinkle in his eye as he pulled down the blinds... he reached up and grabbed a couple of old glasses and wiped them down with the terry towel he always hung around his neck, and poured us both a shot of Metaxa. "Lock the door there wouldya" he would blurt... " and come over here and watch this..." He had flasks set up, and a burner going.. there were bubbles and smoke and steam and smells... and then... Ingolf did the strangest thing. He took the tools out of the drawer that hung below his fitting station, and then banged on the drawer. Slowly, a small pile of 'dirt' began to coagulate in the corner. He dumped the contents of the drawer into the flask and swigged on the Metaxa. Moments passed, then minutes as he was silent, and sipping intently, all the while stirring the contents of the flask. Then he strained the flask and dumped the residue thereof into a crucible. Over the flame of the bunsen burner he cooked the goo...until at last... it glowed eerily, and almost transparent it looked...the heat was intense too, but thru the fame there it was.. a chunk of GOLD... beautiful glob of pure 24 karak GOLD. Recovered from the filings of the weeks work. He drenched the lump in a cool water bath... then tossed it to me for inspection. It musta weighed an ounce and a half.."42 grams he corrected me... "42 grams of pure gold"... and his eyes twinkled.
Ingolf knew how recycle.

You see, if I had been working somewhere 9-5... I never would have met Ingolf, or witnessed that magic. I never would have gotten to know the Richardson Twins either, and I can assure you they were definitely worth knowing. I was lucky enough to have a rich tapestry of friends in my life, many of them much older than I... and it was they who taught me. Taught me the value of people. The value of Individuals, of going against the grain and forging ones on path. To me it became clear that these were the people that made America America. I was fortunate to have them in my life.

These same people also taught me not to be such a firebrand, not to believe that my innocent counterculture was THE ONLY WAY... no, they would point out it is just 'One Way". "One day, you will understand"... and interestingly... now I do.

"Use Bio Fuels" they bellow..."Use Electric cars" they demand. But you know, it takes as much as 170 gallons of fresh water to process a gallon of bio-fuel.... yep, that is 170 gallons of fresh water needed to produce one gallon of corn ethanol. Soybean biodeisel conversion takes as much as 900 gallons of fresh water to render a gallon of its biofuel. It only takes about 5 gallons of fresh water to make a gallon of gasoline.

So I am wondering. How is it better to use all the fresh water to make biofuels? Why make Biofuels at all? What of the poisonous batteries that power electrics?is that any better? Yet... don't let anyone at the PCC or REI sidewalk sale hear you say that. You will immediately be attacked as an uncaring,homophobic, politically incorrect, troglydite, and you prolly have a crush on Sarah Palin, too!

Somehow burning down the rainforests that create the planets oxygen also seems kind dumb. Especially if it is being done to grow crops that use water for biofuel production.
BUT, I bet the great Obama's man at the USDA is gonna make it possible for the government to buy all of the biofuel seeds from Monsanto that it can bag and haul in Halliburton trucks, ... at just a 'slight mark up in price above regular retail'. Afterall, we need to add money for graft and corruption, into the selling price. I mean, you gotta Love America. Where else can a virtual unknown run for president, be elected, have his abs photographed and make 7 million dollars in a single year. Awesome country.

Sometimes eco-yuppies miss the point entirely. Having a beautiful lush vegetable garden on the White House lawn and encouraging all of America to do the same is absurd. If all the eco-yuppies try that, there will be tons of fertilizer dropped into the soil.
Just so they can grow a Bonnie Garden. So,... maybe mega farms managed by trained professional farmers is actually better for the environment than all of the eco yuppie gardeners in Washington polluting the soil with hundreds of tomato plants and the associated Miracle grow.

Knee jerk reactionism is not what America needs right now. Pouring money into old gimmicks is not what we need right now. Neither is consumerism. But that is what our government is gonna do fo us... like it or not. They are gonna spend trillions of dollars on hair brained eco power schemes because someone with a big money agenda convinced them that somehow they would be politically correct for doing so. They are also gonna encourage the population to 'return the the spending levels of pre-crash America' buy buy buy to reinvigorate our spend more money... and keep paying interest ( and taxes)... support the banks and the thieves on wall street, and do it all in the name of GREEN.


I am glad I lived my life on the periphery. I am glad I have always been an eco-conscious tiller of the soil, and caloused hand, blue collar laborer. But somehow I still don't seem to fit in... because the answers I have found on my path just don't jive with what they are trying to spoon feed us. I am decidedly counterculture. A real life, long haired, pinko commie, tree hugger. But, just because I am left of Che Quivera doesn't mean I automatically accept whatever gospel the PC folks are purveying. Interestingly, I find myself at odds with many of the ideas I thought I would embrace. Biofuels looked good on paper... heck... I even used biofuels 30 yrs ago, right here in Kirkland. Gasohol was all the rage... 30yrs ago. It didn't work then, it does not work now and yet... it is BACK.

You just gotta ask yourself... when you see these things being sold to you as the "solution to air pollution"... what is the real agenda here? Who are these guys and what do they stand to make from all of this. Who are the guys behind the 'windfarms'? Who stands to make the money from Solar photovoltaic farms? Whose tax money is gonna pay for all this? How much is it really gonna cost us to be GREEN. What is the 'environmental impact of Green Industry? and finally, who told the birkenstock wearing, prius driving, same sex marrying, anti gun, pro-choice, double latte with chai and a twist of lemon grande sipping pseudo intellectuals of GREEN land that they were so absolutely correct about everything?

Do we all really want to drive a white prius? Do we all want to eat a vegan diet?
Are we all supposed to march in locked step arm in arm with the great Obama, into an uncertain Green Future? You NEED to stop everything and listen to NPR so you can answer this America, after all...

enquiring minds, wanna know.

Happy Mother's Day Mom..

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"Where ever you are in the chronosynclastic infundibulum... I love you"


I lost my Mom a couple of years ago.. and so spending time with her today is not possible. My mom taught me so much about everything, she taught me to cook, to be patient with my son, and always told me to be a 'good boy'... she also taught me to love poetry and the beauty all around us, however it may manifest. My mom taught me that you didn't need to be a king to live like one and she taught me how to live life to the fullest. So, I thought, in celebration of what I remember as the 'best mom in the world' I would like to publish one of her most favorite poems. I hope that anyone reading the verse, finds the same bliss my mom and I shared when we would read it together... I hope you enjoy this lovely verse from America's beloved "children's poet', Eugene Field... read it with someone you love.


by: Eugene Field (1850-1895)

The little toy dog is covered with dust,
But sturdy and stanch he stands;
And the little toy soldier is red with rust,
And his musket moulds in his hands.
Time was when the little toy dog was new,
And the soldier was passing fair;
And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.

"Now, don't you go till I come," he said,
"And don't you make any noise!"
So, toddling off to his trundle-bed,
He dreamt of the pretty toys;
And, as he was dreaming, an angel song
Awakened our Little Boy Blue--
Oh! the years are many, the years are long,
But the little toy friends are true!

Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand,
Each in the same old place,
Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
The smile of a little face;
And they wonder, as waiting the long years through
In the dust of that little chair,
What has become of our Little Boy Blue,
Since he kissed them and put them there

Livin' in the USA..

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Bank of America needs another $34 billion.... this is in addition to the $45 billion they were granted in the first round of funding. There are other banks on the take as well, we all know that. The funding was intended to jumpstart the lending markets. Did it work? NO.. lending is tighter than ever. Credit card companies smirked at the President when he met with them to admonish them for jacking up card fees... and they routinely raise the rates of every card holder indebted to them. Jesus was crucified when he tried to throw the 'money lenders' charging extortionist fees from the Temple. Anything more than 10% tithing was considered Usery. Jesus refused to stand for it, and as a result... they nailed him to a cross. HBSC just raised the rates on a card I have, to 29.4%. The did it so quietly that I was lucky to stumble across the paper trail that has confirmed the rate hike. Before you act all self righteous, and assume I have done something to warrant that action, I suggest you take a fine tooth comb to your own credit card contracts... if it has not happened to you YET, well, be assured it is just a matter of time before it does. These banks are greedy, they see an 'opportunity' to extort additional fees from the consumer and they are intent on doing just that.

Afterall, that is CAPITALISM, and capitalism is the AMERICAN WAY. ( or is it? How about bailing out the banks, is that Capitalist or socialist?)

America is being extorted. Calls for 'transparency' are a joke as public officials switch sides of the political aisles to insure yet another place at the government feeding troughs.

Working class America is being hammered. Hard working families are being destroyed. There is no plan to help them either. If they are unlucky enough to suffer a layoff, if they miss a payment through no fault of their own... too bad. Let them fail.. they are just peons in the bigger game of global wealth generation. BUT, let Bank of America whine... because of bad investments and corporate irresponsibility.... and oh well... we NEED to bail them out. THEY are TOO important to America. Evidently, so too, is CitiBank... and the list goes on and on.

I am gonna stop short of calling for 'revolution'. I would just be throwing myself in front of a moving train... and my peers are so enamored of the 'abs' of the Great Obama... that he is barely scrutinized at all for his actions. He is a celebrity... who cares if he breaks his promises... who cares if he spends the working class into perpetual debt?

"ALL HAIL THE GREAT OBAMA",.. the whole world of full of his glory.

We have been sold a crock of crap. If the great Obama really wanted to change things... he could start by jailing as many financial services managers whole stole millions, as the country jails young blacks for smoking pot.

The Great Obama... the next teflon presidency. As slick as snake oil these boys are... even put the fox (Geitner) in charge of the henhouse (Treasury)... installed biased operatives in every meaningful position in government (Tom Vilsack at USDA), and claims no responsibility for anything. He is pure. His agenda is PURE. And Oh, he has six pack abs!

America needs to learn to keep an eye on things... Americans need to revisit the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and become more proactive about how we allow our managers to manage us... and we need to do it now... before we are all further enslaved.

I already know... whatever I say about this "dream presidency of the liberal agenda".. I will be attacked mercilessly. Regardless of what I say, or how I say it... the mere suggestion that the "Great Obama" might be on the wrong track is met with expletives, inuendos and slanderous attacks.

Everything precious to the liberal left... everything from eco-conciousness to 'do your own thing' was introduced to popular culture by the artists and intellectuals of the 1960's hippie revolution. You young people need to go back and find a copy of the "Whole Earth Catalogue"... ( no, I don't think it is for sale at the Iphone App store)... some of us have been 'fighting the power' now for almost 5 decades... we are the senior survivors of the counterculture revolution that made the election of the Great Obama possible in the first place. BUT, we would be remiss, were we to allow the "Great Deception" to derail everything we have fought so hard to achieve.

I know, American youth doesn't want to hear this. They want to believe in CHANGE.. oh, and they also want to "rock on"... as opposed to taking a stand against political oppression. We are a country of little sheep. and the Media is our shepherd. Let me take you back to 1968 America. In 1968 I was a student at the University of Hawaii, I was present in the Ampitheatre on campus when the Steve Miller band played the venue. His words then... are appropriate this morning... Rock on America... but keep your eye on the fox in the henhouse... he already has feathers on his chin.

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